Design, Manufacturing & Installation

6 Step Manufacturing Process

Computer Designed and Cut

Every Sail is designed in 3D with specialised computer software, and divided up into a series of 2D panels ready to be cut and sewn together. Computer software exports the panel tracing pattern to the plotter table, and then the sail panels are cut to size.

Sew/Weld Panels Together

Each Sail Panel is then laid out on the floor, and depending on the type of material, all panels are sewn or high frequency welded together. Using a heat welding, or industrial sewing machines, each join is made stronger than the fabric itself.

Triple Reinforced Corner Patches

Each corner is reinforced with a triple layer of fabric, a unique design step incorporated at Shadeform. This ensures that there are no weak spots in the Sail so it is made to last.

Stainless Steel Wire Edges

All edges of the sail are hemmed and a marine grade stainless steel wire is inserted into each sail edge, another important step in the sail manufacturing process.

Stainless Steel Links and Turnbuckles

The last step is to sew SS D-rings into each corner of the sail, and attach SS chain or turnbuckles to allow the sail to be attached to the desired fixing.

5 Stage Construction Process

Free Site Evaluation

One of our shading specialists will come to your home and asses the area to be shaded. Considering your requirements and the design input of our expert team member, a shading design will be provided along with a no obligation free quote.

Design Finalisation

The design will be evaluated by our shade and once the sail is ordered, we will clarify your needs and requirements.

The design is finalised, and you are completely happy with the proposed shade.

Post and Fixing Installation

We will then come out and start the first phase of the construction process, the installation of all posts, brackets, and other fixings that are required for the proposed shade. We will take exact measurements from cleat to cleat, ready for the sail to me made.

Sail Manufacturing

Next, we take the measurements to the Sailmaker, and begin the sail manufacturing.

Sail Fitting

On our third and final visit, the sail is to be erected by our install team, who will ensure that the shade fits perfectly, and that you are happy with your new sail


Here at Shadeform, we take the guesswork out of choosing the ideal shade design for your specific function. Along with our free survey and quote service, we also provide a plan drawing of the design.

If you want to take our expert services to the next level, we can generate a full 3D representation of the design. This highly valuable visual design aid will provide a realistic representation of how your finished shading structure will look against your property and its immediate surroundings.

This service is available for a nominal fee and provides our clients with a useful representation from which they can move their project forward.

Architects and designers

Our team is happy to assist architects and designers in the production of presentation material for their clients. Sails, awnings, and tensile fabric structures can be difficult to convey in an easily understandable visual format for presentation to clients, committees or the general public. At Soulsby Sails, we can produce conceptual and rendered 3D models to assist all parties involved in the shade design and evaluation process.

Call Shadeform today on 08 8354 2116 to discuss how our shade design services can help your project.

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